I am Belleve Invis.

I am a Software Engineer and Type Designer in Microsoft, working on improving screen display of Asian text on Windows.

I focus on Type, as in Typography, and in Type Theory.


  • 2017-present, Microsoft Corporation, SDE and Type Design
    • Created a next generation East Asian UI typeface family for Windows.
    • Improve ideohint, targeting to produce better hints, which is crucial for ideographic typography on screen.
    • Integrate ideohint with Visual TrueType, the industrial-standard hinter in type design industry.
    • Created a JS-based font tool chain with Full OpenType support (including OpenType Variations).
  • Late 2016, Founder, Technology Collaborator
    • Short-term project for Founder.
    • Mainly focusing about improving hinting of their ideographic fonts.

Public Projects

  • Typography Tools
  • Typefaces
    • Iosevka : Iosevka, a slender programming font that is generated from a program.